Over one million Americans slip and fall every year. Over seventeen thousand of those people die in these cases. It is usually the responsibility of the owner of that place to provide a safe environment. A person wouldn’t deliberately visit a dangerous place. He was given an illusion of safety, but they ended up injuring themselves. You can file a lawsuit against the owner under the category of personal injury to make amends for your damages. Here are some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries that come to https://www.zucker-regev.com/personal-injury/slip-and-fall.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

Improper Training

If you were working and got injured at the workplace by falling, your employer has to take care of you. First of all, it was his responsibility to provide a safe environment. On top of that, even if it was your fault, it was the employer’s responsibility to provide you proper training before getting you started with the job. Improper training causes a lot of slip and fall injuries, leaving the worker unable to work for weeks. Many companies are in a rush to get workers to start the job and they don’t pay proper attention to their training.

Unsafe Ladder or Stairs

Most slip and fall cases occur when a person is trying to reach something at a height. Most commonly, people get a ladder or use stairs for such tasks. While your footing needs to be stable, the equipment must also have a strong foundation. If it is already loose or weak, you shouldn’t use it even if your employer forces you. It’s the responsibility of the company to provide you safe equipment for your job. If something bad happens, they are liable to compensate you. You can take this matter to court if they are reluctant to give your right.

Nursing Home Accidents

Unfortunately, a lot of slip and fall cases come from nursing homes. These places are supposed to provide extra care to elderlies that they can’t get in their own homes with their own families. They charge a ridiculously high fee for their job, and yet many of them don’t do their job properly. Whether it’s improper attention or bad environment, elderlies can’t afford many falls in their age and condition. Yes, they have trouble walking and standing and they need special care, but this is the reason they are in nursing homes.

Bad Weather Conditions

A lot of slip and fall injuries happen in bad weather, especially when it’s raining. Sometimes frozen floor can also cause these issues. The owner of the property is responsible for ensuring the environment remains safe for everyone and taking precautionary measures to deal with extreme weather conditions. You can’t control the weather, and it wouldn’t be news if it’s raining again.

Poor Surfaces

Wet or uneven surface is the most common reason for slip and fall. It should be properly repaired if people have to pass from there. It is also necessary to wash and clean the floor, but it should be done at a time when no one is using that area.

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