On the road, it goes without saying there are a few different drivers out there. You can categorize them loosely just to get an idea. All different kinds of vehicles out there in many colors, shapes, and sizes. With these vehicles come with all different kinds of drivers out there that can really grind your gears. So let’s see what types of drivers are out there on the road when you are driving!

Drivers That Can Mess Up Your Insurance Premium!

The Granny Driver


You find these drivers everywhere. Don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t only the seniors that cause this little disruption in the road, a lot of younger drivers out there that can fall into this category. These drivers are the ones that take their time with everything. I mean driving significantly slower than the flow of traffic and even a lot slower than the actual speed limit. They also take their sweet time making turns, even when it’s clear! Quite frustrating if you ask me.

Bump and Weave

The super speeders who live by the motto of too fast too furious. We all have that one question, Where do they have to go in such a hurry? Driving at such high rates of speed and jamming to loud music while weaving in and out of traffic. A very common driver in this category would be younger drivers. Driving like this can be very dangerous and cause quite a few accidents. If you want to experience such spirited driving definitely check out your local tracks.

The Distracted Driver

In my opinion, the worse types of drivers out there. This is where I would give the benefit of the doubt to the other styles of driving out there simply because distracted driving can have the most consequences behind it. So you have those coffee drinkers, Instagrammers, facebookers, snapchatters and my favorite the selfie-takers. These are some great platforms you can use for personal enjoyment which is great, but there are a time and place for everything. Driving while distracted can get you into a light fender bender or even into a major accident. There is also a possibility that you could get a ticket for distracted driving. These situations happen so it is best to stay safe.

The Road Ragers

If you are of the faint-hearted or get easily intimidated, you should be very aware of these drivers. A road rager isn’t just a road rager, there are many different types of drivers that can fall into this category. So let’s list them for you.

  • Tailgater
    • These drivers are usually around when rush hour happens. They like to drive very close behind you and get you to move lanes over so they can speed pass.
  • Brake Checker
    • These are the drivers that think they own the road. Taking their time with everything and eventually will brake check you if you get too close.
  • Hungry Honkers
    • Honking you to move over and try to push you out of the lane so they can pass. Also, they tend to honk their horn right when the light turns green, very impatient.

Using intimidation tactics these drivers can force you to do things out of fear which can be extremely dangerous! So be level headed and don’t let them push you around. Stand your ground and go your way.

The Perfect Drivers

These are the types of drivers that everyone wants to be around, anything you can think of that makes a driver perfect they have it. I hope this is where you come in! Logical thinking, patience, waiting their turn and quick reflexes you are at the pinnacle of drivers. Accelerating easily, braking in advance to prepare the driver behind you and watching your surroundings before you go ahead with any move.

These ones will not mess up your insurance premiums!


The road is a great place to be. All seasons round, you drive from point A to B and most of the time forget that you should be attentive while driving to reach your destination safely. We outlined the most common drivers you’ll face when you are out there driving around. Of course there are a few other drivers that we haven’t listed, maybe because they aren’t as frequent as the ones listed above that too, they could probably fit in one of the many categories up there.

If you had to pick to be one of the drivers above and express those driving habits definitely the perfect driver would be the way to go. They are the safest for themselves as well as the people around them.

Remember to stay safe and have good driving habits because it will not only benefit you but also the people on the road. Oh! Also expression safe driving habits can lower your insurance premiums so take a look at these auto insurance companies that give you a discount for defensive driving habits!

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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