A good friend of mine, Chris Holste, owns a store called Performance Calls.  Check it out.  If you are hunt geese, please do yourself a favor and check out his site.

Ever had problem hunting snow geese? I know a lot of people who come back with a very low score or empty handed.


Simple, they don’t use the correct snow geese decoys. I’ve had a lot of experience in using snow geese decoys and have seen people who they underestimate the power of these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.

If you are a hardcore hunter like Chris, you already know that using snow geese decoys can be tricky but if you do it right, the results are hundreds of birds killed in one session.

The truth is people tend to use very few decoys or they use decoys that are very bad quality and look nothing like something that can fool your hunt into luring them. I’ve found that the perfect number of decoys is around 1,500 or more decoys on a large spread.

Now 1500 decoys is a big number. But thanks to a new range of decoys available at Performance Calls, things are going to sound sweet.

Let me introduce you to the Feathertek Windsock Decoys by Performance Calls.

These excellent decoys are crafted with intricate details to look exactly like the bird. Hence it is capable of luring the birds very easily.

Since the geese travel in large numbers only, it is mandatory as a hunter that you use a lot of decoys. Thankfully, the pricing of the FeatherTek Windsock Decoys is affordable.

You can fetch as many as 10 dozen for $50 per dozen. When compared to other decoys, this price is amazing! You can also add in a mix of blue colored geese decoys to make things even better. These blue decoys come at an additional charge of $5 per dozen.

The best thing about the FeatherTek Windsock Decoys is their compact size. Traveling with thousands of decoys is an immense problem when you have very little place to store them. Thanks to the compact design, the windsock decoys can easily collapse and save a lot of space.

Moreover, these awesome snow geese decoys are fully pre-assembled when they arrive at your door. Imagine assembling 1500 decoys. Imagine how much time and effort it takes to do that. Good to know that with FeatherTek Windsock Decoys you don’t have to worry about assembling them anymore.

These decoys by Performance Calls are field tested by their own people who are hardcore hunters just like us who are serious about making more kills in less effort and time.

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