Do I Need Duplicate Checks

Do I Need Duplicate ChecksWhen setting up a new checking account you may ask yourself, “Do I need duplicate checks”. Deluxe offers checking solutions and information which can help you make the right decision. Time to take a look at duplicate checks and some arguments for and against.

Deciding If I Need Duplicate Checks

What Are Duplicate Checks?

In your physical checkbook, each of your regular checks is followed by a thinner check. They both have the same check number on them.

While you are writing a check, the pressure you exert on the pen creates a copy on the thinner check. This is standard carbonless copy paper. For every check you write, you automatically have a copy.

Why Would I Need Checks Like These?

Having an exact copy of every check you write is fantastic for record keeping. All the information from every check is available on the copies in your checkbook. This is a popular business checking option.

More Reasons You May Need Duplicate Checks

Business Checks with Duplicates and a Check RegisterQuick and easy access to information. You can look up any check you have written to see how it was paid, who it was paid to, and what was paid for. A record of your expenditures is right at your fingertips.

Banks will often charge you to take a look at a check. You will probably have to request copies of old checks through your bank’s customer service department. Having your own duplicate checks gets rid of that hassle and expense.

Why Not?

Duplicate checks will cost slightly more. If your bank or credit union is up to date with online banking, you may prefer that. Or you have another way to keep track of the information you need that costs less than duplicates, you may want to go that route.

If you don’t keep your personal or business documents secure, having duplicates of all your checks might be a security risk.

Making a Decision

Whether or not you need duplicate checks varies from person to person and from business to business. For many, the small additional cost is well worth the instant record keeping and instant access to those records. For some, just being able to avoid the hassles and fees at the bank of taking a look at older checks when you need to is well worth it.

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