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Mailing services involve the coordination, printing and distribution of marketing materials directly to postal recipients to achieve marketing and sales goals through data-driven metrics at low, low prices for the consumers themselves.

Direct mail marketing strategies that leverage direct mail can yield excellent response rates in customer acquisition and cross-selling activities for a fraction of the cost of other marketing strategies, so look for mailing services with flexible options and fast turnaround time as those are likely to yield greater success from direct mailing efforts. Also, keep the following in mind.


Direct mail marketing materials are sent directly to prospective customers’ homes or offices as a form of direct marketing ( such as postcards, catalogs with merchandise or coupons, solicitation letters or free samples sent by businesses. Mailing services specialize in designing targeted lists for these campaigns to maximize response rates and create profit.

A reliable mailing service should offer a range of printing and design options that save both time and money while effectively communicating your message to its target recipient. Design should enhance rather than detract from its purpose, providing information quickly to those receiving it.

Some direct mail companies provide additional services like data management and analytics that can increase effectiveness of direct mailing campaigns by optimizing mailing lists and targeting specific demographics for campaigns.

Mailing services typically offer full-service solutions that cover everything from research to campaign execution. Marketing strategists, designers, copywriters, digital marketers and data analysts all work together at these companies to collaborate and craft an engaging direct mail campaign tailored specifically for your business.


Finding a quality printing service to ensure the message and artwork for any direct mail campaign are printed on suitable stock grades or medium is a big part to its success. Some services specialize in digital or offset printing while others focus on postcards or flyers as their specialty product offerings.

Your marketing materials need to be visually attractive and informative if they’re to convert recipients into customers, which mean working with excellent mailing services with design teams who specialize in making letters, brochures, postcards and postcards that pop. Some may also provide promotional swag such as pens or handbags as a means of spreading brand recognition.

Some printing companies are more than just print and mailing services. Not only will you find a wide range of pricing for direct mail services, but rest assured that no matter who you go with – they’ll help you purchase targeted address lists to reach your ideal audience, helping to save money, reduce waste, and increase efficiencies within campaigns. This is key as it can save both money and waste while increasing efficiencies of campaigns.



The best services provide a range of printing and mailing options, from basic postcards to full-service Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaigns. In addition, they provide detailed analytics to assist in improving marketing efforts and sales performance as well as helping determine when the optimal time to mail is for reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Not only should direct mail companies provide printing and mailing services, but also design and list-building tools to make creating compelling messages easier. They should offer competitive prices and quick turnaround times; additionally a good direct mail company may even offer digital or physical samples so you can see its quality before placing an order.

Selecting an effective service provider is critical if you want to ensure that your marketing material reaches its destination address. Reputable companies are capable of verifying whether their databases match those maintained by the US Postal Service and offering analytics to measure campaign success and optimize future communications.

Another popular option for small businesses in need of full-service direct mail solutions are internet boutiques or smaller, local companies. They may be smaller, but you won’t regret going local.


Direct mail can be an effective way of drawing customers down your sales funnel. It can include an invitation or call-to-action that encourages them to visit your website or store, along with special offers or discount coupons that encourage the next steps of the sales process.

Services that meet the unique needs of your business provide a range of services that are designed to address them, with some offering additional features like response rate tracking which helps measure campaign success compared with other marketing channels. This can be especially valuable when considering competing methods of promotion like SEO.

Before selecting a company, be sure to carefully assess their track record. Verify they have experience printing for and working with the Postal Service; an established business will be better equipped at catching errors and offering insightful advice that ensure your campaign’s success.

An excellent mailing service should have an in-house mailing department capable of quickly fulfilling large volume orders with little delay, and offer low minimum orders – making it affordable for smaller businesses to get started. They should offer various design options and be capable of printing onto various materials while using data analytics metrics to optimize campaigns for maximum performance.

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