Best Colognes for Men

Sometimes it seems like it can be hard for a guy to differentiate himself from the crowd. Sure you can change your hair, or your sense of style, but we all kinda just look like “guys”. There aren’t a ton of ways to separate yourself and create your own unique sense of style when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. But one way to do so, and that is often overlooked, is with your scent.

This is also apparently a turn on for women as well, as it is frequently rated highly among women when asked what can be attractive in a man – even higher than their hair or body or face or the clothes they wear. So of course you can stick to a healthy regimen of keeping clean by showering and taking care of your skin with something like RSVP Skin Care, but an even better way to further add to a great scent is cologne.

This isn’t groundbreaking news, but like I said it is often overlooked by men. Who buys cologne often? Personally speaking, I think that every cologne I own I was given as a gift over the holidays by my mom over the years. I feel like I’m not alone in this, so I did a little searching around to find the best colognes for men as rated by women to take the guesswork out of it.

top mens cologne

Top Colognes for Men

Different Types of Cologne

First, let’s get into detail on the different types of cologne. There are three different kinds, in simple terms – perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne. The differentiation between these three is what concentration of perfume extract is in each of them. Perfume has 15-40% pure perfume extract and is the least diluted and therefore the most expensive. It is slightly thicker than other colognes and is very strong, and should be dabbed on instead of sprayed on. Eau de toilette is more diluted at 4-15% concentration and contains more alcohol. Because of this, it doesn’t last as long and may require reapplication through the day. This is the most common type. Lastly, cologne is 2-4% perfume extract and is the most diluted.

So which one is the best? That all depends on your own preferences. For some, a stronger scent that will stay all day is preferable, so they go with a perfume. For others, they want something that’s not very overpowering so they go with a cologne. For others, a happy medium is wanted, and eau de toilette is for them. It’s all up to you. And if you can’t decide, take your girl shopping with you and let her pick up what she would want to smell on you.

How to Pick Out a Cologne

There are a few simple tips in picking out the right cologne for you. The first is to look at the average ratings they receive. This can easily be done on Amazon and other shopping sites. Specifically look for those with lots of reviews so you have a more trusted rating.

The second tip is to buy based on the scent that you like (or what you woman likes to smell on you). Never buy it based on what the bottle looks like. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks – you can’t wear the bottle.

Lastly, the third tip comes in the buying process — always check the price of larger bottles as they can be more cost-efficient. Always do your shopping online as it will undoubtedly be cheaper than buying at the mall or department store. You can window shop at a brick and mortar store and see what scent you like, but ultimately make the order online. Furthermore, always buy from a reputable store like Amazon or similar.

Cologne Recommendations

Personally, I’m an eau de toilette guy, and I have a few recommendations in that category. First off is Eternity Aqua from Calvin Klein with its subtle, refreshing scent. It’s around $70 on Amazon. For something most cost-friendly in this category, check out Seductive by Guess for around $20 as it has a great scent at an unbeatable price. For something in between those two, I highly recommend 1 Million by Paco Rabanne for $58 with its leather, mandarin and peppermint scent. My girlfriend picked this one out for me and we both love it!

To sum it all up, your scent is a big deal and is not to be overlooked. It can make a great first impression on a women and frankly it just feels better when you smell nice. Use the tips above and you can’t go wrong with picking out your signature scent to go with your unmatched fashion sense.

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