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Does a real difference exist between sweatpants and joggers? The quick and dirty answer is yes, there is a difference. Sports luxe apparel and athleisure is experiencing a tremendous growth spurt. Joggers are currently looked upon as an essential piece for every wardrobe. It’s for everybody and not just the sports enthusiasts. These pants are versatile, comfortable, and fit well with every occasion, even wearing them to the office.

Sweatpants are still a great choice for working out or lounging around the house, but joggers provide comfort, style, and the best of both worlds.

Since many people are now working from home all around the globe, it’s challenging to find something comfortable to wear besides old pajama pants and T-shirts. Joggers, on the other hand, come in very handy in this regard.

Generally speaking, joggers are made from polyblends and soft cotton. This provides extra breathability when compared to thick sweatpants. Also, the material is incredibly comfortable, which makes it easy to relax at your desk since it adds a little bit of style and a nice tapered fit.

Simply put, you get the same couch potato vibes from these pants as sweatpants, but they are more presentable, which is a great choice when you have to communicate with people face-to-face.

Our Process for Choosing

We dug deep and went down the Internet rabbit hole to discover the best men’s joggers to meet all of your needs. We have something for anyone even if you’re just lounging around the house or planning to run errands. We viewed a wide range of materials and silhouettes to offer a number of different styles to pick from. Last but not least, we scoured through customer reviews to learn more about each jogger in real life including product quality, how they feel, how they function, and their overall style.

1. Sunday Performance Jogger by Vuori: Best Overall

Sunday Performance Jogger by Vuori

Are you on the hunt to find the perfect pair of high-quality joggers? Look no further my friend. The Sunday Performance Jogger by Vuori delivers excellent stretch and prime breathability with its elastic and polyester material. Plus, it also offers the perfect balance of comfort and style. The inseam is shorter, which removes extra bulky fabric like you typically have with sweatpants.

We adore the plethora of eight different colors that they have to offer. And best of all, these incredible joggers have also received positive and glowing reviews. Former customers have given them a near-perfect rating, which is practically 5-stars. This awesome rating tells us that this is a great choice.

Their moisture wicking material also keeps the sweat in check, which is a great added bonus.

2. City Sweat Jogger by Lululemon: Most Comfortable

City Sweat Jogger by Lululemon

These Lululemon joggers are taking us back to basics. It’s a great choice for men looking for joggers that are perfect for active and inactive days. They have lots of stretch and breathable comfort because they are made of soft Terry fabric.

Even better, the way they fit provides additional room in thigh and glutes areas. But they taper off at the hemline, providing a streamlined appearance. Lycra material was added to the mix to provide additional stretch, while allowing the material to maintain its shape.

We also love the multiple pockets and drawstring waist which adds extra versatility. Previous customers appreciate that the material is very comfortable, soft, and warm. If you’re looking for great workout pants that you can also lounge around on the couch in, these are going to be for you.

3. Ace Sweatpant by Mack Weldon: Best Athletic Jogger

Ace Sweatpant by Mack Weldon

The highly rated Ace Sweatpant is actually a high-end jogger created by Mack Weldon. It’s incredibly popular and has nearly 8000 5-star reviews online.

What makes it so special? It’s made of cotton French Terry that updates the look of the standard jogger to make it more modern. It’s available in regular sizes plus tall sizes and it has a wide variety of colors.

These joggers can certainly look more athletic in style, so they’re a good choice for someone looking for a new outfit for working at home or the gym.

4. ABC Jogger 30-inch Warpstreme by Lululemon: Most Durable Jogger

ABC Jogger 30-inch Warpstreme

The ABC Jogger 30-Inch Warpstreme by Lululemon is definitely one of the more expensive pants that I’m sharing in this category. But they are made of high-quality material that’s designed to last. Plus, they are an excellent choice to meet daily needs, from hanging out at home, to going shopping, or anything in between.

They are available in numerous colors including olives, gray, and cream. So, it’s very easy to mix and match them with other clothing items on a regular basis.

The classic tapered fit is very impressive, combined with the breathable, quick drying material. They are mostly made of a combination of Lycra, nylon, and polyester, which makes them comfortable and stretchy. Reviewers love how well they actually retain their shape.

5. The Track Pant by Everlane: Best for Activity

Track Pant by Everlane

Sweatpants are often more bulky and thicker, which is why men often look for an alternative. They usually want something with durability but less fabric. The Everlane Track Pant might be precisely what you’re looking for. Many previous happy customers say they’re great for daily activities because they are airy and lightweight.

They’re also impressive because they have a hidden drawcord waistband and provide extra give. And they’re made of organic cotton, which is a high-performance material. They have minimalistic color and style, so you may want them for the next staple in your closet.

6. Men’s Powerblend Jogger Pants by Champion: Best Retro Jogger

Powerblend Jogger Pants by Champion

History always finds a way to repeat itself, many people say. Since being established in 1919, Champion is well known for its unique style and basic gym attire that was very popular during the 1990s. It’s now making a massive comeback.

Champion has recently reestablished its brand to focus on athleisure, which is the reason why their jogger pants are so incredibly popular. This retro looking jogger is combined with a modern look for athletics. And it’s made of a polyester and cotton blend to minimize shrinkage while washing. And it’s extremely durable with its triple stitching.

Balance your outfits by picking up these pants in a range of minimalist colors.

7. Men’s Fleece Jogger Pant by Goodthreads: Best Budget

Men’s Fleece Jogger Pant by Goodthreads

The good people at Goodthreads are known for creating a wide array of basic wardrobe styles. These joggers in particular have more than 3000 positive ratings from previous happy customers. Plus, they are incredibly affordable, which is why I believe they’re great for those on a budget.

It’s made up of 90% cotton material, so it will likely shrink somewhat in the washing machine. Yet, a wide array of reviewers say that the joggers are thick, soft, and great to wear outside when it’s cold. Some also say that these joggers are slightly on the baggier side, so it might be wise to buy a smaller size.

8. Men Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants by Southpole: Best Color Variety

Men Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants by Southpole

These Southpole joggers are incredibly popular and they are a great choice if you’re looking to purchase more than one pair. You don’t have to worry because they are extremely affordable, so you aren’t going to break the bank.

Their material is 100% polyester, so they will not shrink in the washing machine. I love that these joggers are available in a wide array of colors, which makes them a great choice for those looking to add variety to their wardrobe. They even have many shades of colors including sky-blue, mint, gray, black and everything in between.

These comfortable pants have ribbed ankles, side pockets, and drawstring waistbands for the comfortable casual look.

9. Sportswear Club Fleece by Nike: Available in Tall Sizes

Sportswear Club Fleece by Nike

This is a great jogger to choose when you have lots of online Zoom meetings to attend, but you’d prefer spending your day hiding under the covers. Nike really outdid themselves with the Sportswear Club Fleece joggers because they’ll keep you warm, while delivering the classic jogger look with ribbed cuffs. They are also available in a wide range of colors including Psychic Blue, Galactic Jade, and Electro Orange to name a few options.

The beauty is that they even have tall sizes available, which is often difficult to find for taller men. Customers say that these pants are true to size, made of high-quality material, and are a great choice for anyone’s closet.

10. Tapered Cargo Jogger Sweatpants by Old Navy: Best Cargo Joggers

Tapered Cargo Jogger Sweatpants by Old Navy

One of my favorite things about wearing joggers is that they have style but they also present a laid-back appeal. The Tapered Cargo Jogger Pants from Old Navy is great because it has rib-knit cuffs, a tapered fit, and it has that extra level of style that you don’t typically find in a pair of sweatpants. I really love the large cargo pockets that add utility and flair without the extra bulk.

The soft-washed fleece material provides incredible comfort, plus you can combine the polyester and cotton blends for additional breathability without the unwanted shrinkage while washing.

They are also available in a wide range of colors, so if you’re looking for neutral pants with an extra kick, you’ll love this option.

11. All Day Sweatpant by Outdoor Voices: Environmentally Friendly

All Day Sweatpant by Outdoor Voices

Do you want to look good and feel good at the same time? The Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant is the perfect choice because of its breathable fabric, sustainable choices, and the responsible practices used during textile development.

What does that mean? For anyone trying to protect the environment, it means you can look great and maintain your peace of mind. They use safer and supportive manufacturing processes that are protective to the environment.

12. Men’s Comfort Camp Sweatpants by L.L. Bean: Most Customizable

Men’s Comfort Camp Sweatpants by L.L. Bean

One size fits all pants do not necessarily work for everyone, no matter how much we think they do. These L.L. Bean joggers are a different animal altogether. You can choose between the length of your inseam, which means you’ll never have to wear high waters again!

The fabric breakdown includes 3% spandex, 38% polyester, and 59% cotton. These pants are stretchy, comfortable, and easy to adjust. They provide additional movement with their standard tapered leg cut too. It’s time to ditch the sweatpants and get a brand-new pair of joggers immediately.

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