Mezcal is tequila’s overshadowed and unfamiliar sibling, but still a good liquor none-the-less. Those that are unfamiliar with it may wonder “What are the best cocktails made with Mescal?” Good news is that has got you covered.


Because of the way its made, the smokey flavor of Mezcal may be off-putting to some. But when you combine it with just the right flavor combination it makes a very enjoyable and uniquely flavored drink. These drinks will make you shed your old view of Mezcal and ditch the worm for these really kick ass recipes that you absolutely have to try sooner than later.


The Grilled Pineapple Margarita:

Margaritas are an essential part of any and every Taco Tuesday, but this one will have you longing for Margarita Monday’s. Grilling the pineapple dials back some of the sweetness but leave just enough to pair well with the smoky spice of the Mezcal if you really want to take this drink to another level add some chili powder to the salt you put around the rim. You can find the full recipe for the drink here.

The Velvet Gentleman:

Next up we have the Velvet Gentleman for all you more sophisticated manly men out there who love a good Brandy. This drink goes well with those heavy holiday meals because it’s bright enough to lift your spirits from that deep turkey slumber. This tasteful combination of Brandy, Mezcal, Cocchi Americano Rosa wine and grapefruit bitters will have you bright and jolly this holiday season. check out the recipe for this one here.

All Jacked Up

Lastly, we have a drink called “All Jacked Up”, and if you drink too many of these that’s exactly what you’ll be. Despite the name, the drink is actually very smooth and delicious mixture of smoky and sweet. The Apple Brandy, and Fernet-Branca (an amaretto type liquor) give it a depth that one can appreciate, and the maraschino liqueur and sweet vermouth give that smoky taste the right amount of sweetness.
The easiest way to try Mezcal is in shot form, dressed in a nice glass with a salted rim and slice of orange or lemon. Mescal is definitely a unique liquor and as such it should be enjoyed in unique ways.
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