If you do any kind of intense sports training, you need to think about using some compression boots in your daily regimen.  Sports and athletic training alike can wear down your muscles and even lead to injury.  If you are looking to take your recovery more serious, have a look at the ApexRx recovery boots.  I looked at many brands, from cheap, to expensive, but I landed on the ApexRx boots.  Today I’ll share with you whether I’m satisfied with that purchase, or if I feel ApexRx recovery boots were a scam.

The ApexRx Compression Recovery Boots Full Review

I have to be honest, there isn’t a lot of information about this brand online.  They are definitely a small company and don’t do a lot of marketing, rather they are looking to get spill over traffic from other brands creating awareness in the hyper competitive sports recovery industry.  This was the purchase I decided to make after seeing the steep price tag on other brands like NormaTec, which is over $1,000 and is pretty much the company that put recovery boots on the map in the first place.

When I saw a promo for these recovery boots on sale, I decided it was worth taking advantage of the over 30% they were slashing the price.  Why not, right?  My son was in need of these compression boots for his summer soccer training, and he got used to using the team issued recovery boots during the winter season, so I felt it was time that we made the splurge to get some for around the house.

Upon going to the Apex Rx website, I found it less than appealing to be honest.  There is a ridiculously big image of a therapy gun on the home page that creates a poor user experience, but I didn’t let the amateur marketing be a red flag and deter me from getting a deal.  I ended up finding the Air Compression section in the drop down on their website and was presented a few options.  Given the sale they had going, I opted for the RX Recovery Elite Recovery Performance compression boots as they were sub $300 which put them right in about where I wanted to spend.  This was the top of the line offer from ApexRx when I was on the site, and it comes with the following items:

  • Boots
  • Compressor
  • Carry Bag
  • Remote Control

elite performance

How Do Compression Boots Work?

Used as a recovery aid after a hard workout or long day on your feet, simply zip your legs into the recovery pants and control the amount of compression you want on your legs.  You have options A, B, or C at your disposal and can choose from those varied levels of compression.  You can even put them on a timer from 10 – 30 minutes.  After you choose your settings, press PLAY and you’ll start to see and feel the pulses that are made by air entering into the chambers of the pants.  These work to mimic the muscle pump of your legs and help accelerate removal of metabolic waste, which will in turn speed up recovery and help eliminate the lactic acid out of your system.

You’ll also hear terms thrown around like “intermittent pneumatic compression,” “gradient compression garments,” and “peristaltic pulse technology.”  Sometimes you’ll just hear words like “compression,” or “compression therapy.”

These boots are becoming more and more mainstream in the USA and abroad, so don’t doubt you won’t see these around soon.

Apex Rx Boots – Legit or a a Scam?

It’s hard to call a product that you receive a scam as long as it’s all in one piece, but there are some serious detriments to the Apex Rx recovery boots, so let’s get into those now.

For starters, this has “private label recovery boots” written all over them.

What does that mean?

People can private label anything and everything these days, it’s just as simple as that.  In fact, most of Amazon’s sellers in the health and supplement spaces are private label sellers.  A private label seller is someone who simply searches for and hires a manufacturer that makes a product, makes a deal with them on order quantity, slaps their label on it, and launches it.

This is clear example of a private label compression boot because the company, Apex Rx, didn’t spend the time updating the instructions that come from the Chinese manufacturer!

This is a very simple step legit companies take to ensure their customers can understand the instructions as well as perhaps just as importantly, create some semblance of professionalism along the way.

apex rx compression boots review

Does this look like someone from the USA wrote this instruction manual?

The Apex Rx recovery boots instruction manual is an example of amateur hour private labeling and trying to get a product to market as fast as humanly possible.

Do Apex Rx Compression Boots Work?

Yes and no.  Technically, they deliver the compression therapy that’s expected. However, in just our second use, one of the boots over-inflated and popped off the user’s leg entirely, which completely ruined the session.  Having used the NormaTec compression boots many times, this never happened.  Like, ever.  So this was a bad look.

Overall, the product just isn’t at the level of NormaTec, and that’s unfortunate. It’s always nice finding a lower priced product that delivers as well as the expensive one in any product category, but unfortunately, the Apex Rx compression boots didn’t deliver.

If you are looking for a highly recommended compression boot that works, try NormaTec.

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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