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The next fashion trend is just one influential person experimenting with different colors and clothing styles, which is why fashion trends evolve rapidly. Trends like these come and go in the blink of an eye, and it’s probably impossible for everyone to jump onto them. For one, you’ll just be spending your money frequently on things you won’t wear again, a luxury many can’t afford, and it just doesn’t remain relevant once a new fad takes over.

However, some fashion items are timeless regardless of what’s trending. They will make you look classy in any era, and if you’re in the market to spend some money on your wardrobe, here are a few essentials that need to be a part of it to keep up your fashion.

  1. Formal Suits

You can go never go wrong with suits. It can safely be said that it is a universally accepted standard of formal attire, and every man must have at least one in his wardrobe. Even if you’re not working in the corporate world where you wear one every day, you have an attire that can make you look good at formal parties, weddings, and perhaps official dinners at your workplace.

One rule of thumb is ensuring your suit fits you like a glove. Nearly every country, including Singapore, has renowned tailors that do this job meticulously to make the fabric perfectly fit you. If you’re looking for a tailor in Singapore, you can narrow down your options on the web rather than scouring malls and streets for the right one.

  1. Oxford Button Downs

If you’re looking for the ultimate smart casual look, look no further than Oxford Button Down shirts. You can play around and make interesting combos with different trousers and even shorts. They come in different textures and colors, giving you creative freedom in your fashion sense.

Like suits, take your time finding the right fit for yourself. They should have a straight cut, a slim fit, and a size that would skim your body without being too tight. In terms of colors, you can never go wrong with an Oxford shirt in different shades of blue, light pink, or shades of gray. You can pair them with different colors of shorts and trousers. You can also go for bolder colors like red which screams your lively personality. Remember, experimenting is key.

  1. Plain T-shirts

Of course, plain T-shirts are a must-have in the summer. However, rather than going for graphic T-shirts, the best bet you can make is to go for solids or some color-blocking patterns on the shirt. While solid colors look good only with certain colored lower wear, you can pair color-blocking patterns with anything and make you look fashionable. Keep a variety of color schemes to help you play with fashion styles.

  1. Polo Shirts

If you’re looking for a compromise between an Oxford shirt and a T-shirt to keep things laid back yet comfortable, polos are your go-to item. You can pair it with anything casual.

  1. Turtleneck Sweatshirts

If we move towards winterwear, there are a few must-haves for your wardrobe. A turtleneck sweater/shirt is one great fashion item that you can have. It looks pretty good with a jacket on top and goes well with suits as formal wear. Layering with a bomber jacket and jeans can give you a chic casual look or a dapper formal look with a suit in that color.

  1. Round-neck Sweaters

Round-neck sweaters are another fabric that can add lots of gravitas to your fashion sense. It goes very well with colored shirts, i.e., polo and Oxford button-downs. You can pull off smart casual looks effortlessly by pairing them with denim/jeans or even corduroy trousers, given the right color.

  1. Jackets, Overshirts, Overcoats

If you live in a cold weather area, opting for something over your sweater and shirt is necessary. While it is important, you can play around with your options. A jacket (bomber jackets, windbreakers) can be great overwear for a casual stroll with friends or if you pair it with a plain shirt and a sweater. To keep it casual, wool overshirts are a great option.

Overcoats are a good option for keeping things formal and casual in extreme weather. They pair well with jeans, chinos, and any other shirt you pair with them. You can also pair it with formal wear like a poplin shirt and a tie.

  1. Jeans, Chinos

Jeans were meant for casual wear; however, newer fits and colors have also made them suitable for smart-casual wear. They are durable fabrics you can wear almost anywhere while maintaining a very smart look.

However, if you are worried that jeans might be too casual for your taste, chinos might be the right option. They’re perhaps a middle ground between jeans and formal wear, and you can pair them with formal shirts or Oxford button-downs to create the perfect look for more formal occasions.

  1. Footwear

The most confusing part is perhaps deciding what footwear to choose. According to current trends, sneakers are very in, with new styles coming in every other day. However, if you are in the market to buy something neutral, owning slip-on moccasins is one good investment you can make. It can go perfectly in semi-formal and casual situations.

In addition, you can never go wrong if you have opted for black or brown shoe. They have a touch of timeless elegance and complete your formal look perfectly.


Certain fashion items remain in style, and you can go wrong owning them. Formal suits have been around for a while in the formal wear category, a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. However, you can pair jeans with t-shirts or a polo for more daily-centric laidback clothing. You can enter the semi-formal domain by going with some Oxford button-downs with chinos or jeans. Having just moccasins and Oxford wear shoes can perfectly complement your casual/semi-formal and formal look, respectively. With these few items in your wardrobe, you can easily dress up for any occasion while being fashionable.

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