There are times when life can get stressful and we are overwhelmed by the circumstances are in. Some days or even weeks will be better than others, but you don’t need to fret. If you are at that point where you are being too hard on yourself, just do the following things to make yourself feel better.

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  1. Exercise in the morning – it may require effort, and you might think that staying on the bed and sleeping is the better decision, but trust me when I say that cultivating the habit of regular exercise can do wonders. If you’ve been noticing that you lack the energy and motivation to tackle the tasks of the day, starting your day with exercise may just be the answer. You’ll get a boost of energy and happy hormones that will make facing the day more bearable.
  2. Get enough sleep – you need to make sleep a priority. When you do not get enough sleep, you will feel lethargic, and easily stressed and irritable. And you need to pay attention not just to the hours of sleep but also how restful your sleep is. This is the time that your body is able to repair itself from all the activities you did during the day so you need as much rest as you can. Make your bedroom a haven for relaxation. You can put curtains that will block out the light, put some soothing music or a candle and keep your phone away from you if it will just be a distraction for you.
  3. Get rid of your vices – you need to evaluate your life and see if there are habits that are keeping you from being healthy and living life to the fullest. Some examples are eating too much fast food or junk food, smoking or drinking. They present no benefit to your body and you will need to make it a goal to stop them. If you have been so used to such habits, there are experts who can help you on how to quit drinking and other vices. Don’t hesitate to ask for help because, in the end, you will be the one to benefit from it.
  4. Cut off toxic people in your life – it’s not just vices that you need to cut off from your life, but also people who are bad for you. You need to surround yourself with people who not only have the same passion and interest as you but people who will help you grow as a person and not push you down and discourage you.
  5. Pamper yourself – indulge yourself once in a while, you deserve it. You don’t need to book a luxury vacation in order to do that. Something as simple as getting a massage or eating at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but never had time to go, or perhaps giving yourself time to finally finish that novel you started months ago. The important thing is that you need to focus on yourself and on what will give you pleasure.


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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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