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Your personality is determined by the way you dress up. Shirts are a staple in your wardrobe, no matter if you’re wearing a suit and tie, or are going for a sharp casual look. When it comes to clothing, there are different pieces for different occasions. However, there is one wonder garment that works on almost every occasion. Wear it at lunch, wear it to a funeral, wear it at dinner, or you can wear it at your wedding. Intrigued? Of course, we’re talking about the shirt. But you cannot work with only one shirt. You got to have different types of shirts in your collection. Here are a few top picks out of many shirt styles which you can wear almost everywhere.

Dress Shirt

Whether you are a fan of a dress shirt or not, you have to admit thatyou’re probably going to find yourself wearing a tuxedo at least a handful of times. Over the past half-century, from being an undergarment to the top casual trend, these shirts have taken the fashion industry by storm. The dress shirt has long sleeves, a collar, and is a button-up shirt. Additionally, they are designed to carry a tie and a jacket, but you can wear them without one too. Whether your style is chinos or suit and tie, shirts are a vital means of expanding your wardrobe.

Cuban Collar Short Sleeve Shirt

Thanks to the current-fifties fashion revival, this shirt is a hot trend right now and a must-have in your collection. Cuban collar short sleeve shirt is a perfect summer staple which has always looked good. The ‘Cuban’ part denotes to the shirt’s open collar, which makes it ideal for summertime to put some air into your chest.

Moreover, most Cuban collar shirts feature astraight hem, boxy fit, and button-up front. This style is not for the person with a thicker neck. Make sure to style it well otherwise it may look like you are wearing pajama top.

Men’s Casual Fit Shirt

Contrary to a dress shirt, you have more flexibilitywhen it comes to the fit of your casual shirt. You can wear this at work, diner, date, or lunch with colleagues. If this shirt doesn’t fit like a glove, then what’s the point of wearing it? Finding a good shirt that fits your body well can be a daunting task. But there are a few points you need to put under consideration while shopping for a causal fit shirt. When it comes to wearing a fitted shirt, it is essential to nail your size and stick to it religiously. Nimble Made has some best-fit shirts out there. They recommend sizes based on the closest fit that hugs your body.

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Oxford Button-Down Shirt

If there is anything like true menswear essential, then this is it. This classic menswear has been in fashion for over 120 years. It is one of the most versatile tailored items you need to own and works well with a range of dress codes.As compared to other shirting, the fabric used in the stitching is quite thick, which gives you a casual edge. Moreover, common design traits of these shirts are button-down collar and hanger loop to the back of the yoke.

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt

At one time, short sleeve shirt was a style crime reserved for delivery drivers, older men, and bible salesmen. In recent times, wearing this classic shirt on hot summer days have become a trend. Luckily, stylists have reclaimed this summer style, especially for warm weather. From tropical prints to geometric patterns and from pastel colors to vertical stripes, these shirts have taken over the summer trends. It depends upon you whether you pair it with shorts, chinos, linen trousers, or lighter denim. This classic short-sleeve shirt goes perfectly with most summer legwear.

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