The school band is ideal for students that have a passion for music. As a band member, you have a duty of entertaining guests during special events such as graduation ceremonies and sporting activities between schools. Although school bands replace their members regularly, joining them can be an uphill task. This is because they are very strict in their recruitment. They only pick the best performer during their auditions. Most students get rejected when they audition for the band simply because they didn’t bother to prepare. Below are tips that can give you an edge when looking to secure a slot in the high school band.

  1. Get to Know the Band Director

Most bands give priority to the people in their circles. Your sure bet would therefore require you to know the band director because he is the person that is in charge of everything including the recruitment of new members. If the director is approachable, you should consider scheduling for a meeting with him so that you can inform him about your interest in joining his band.

If he is a reserved leader, you should opt to befriend a few of the band members so they can connect you with him. Besides that, you will have the advantage of being the first to know when the band schedules for auditions. As a matter of fact, most high school bands don’t publicize their auditions because they prefer to only inform those in their circles.

  1. Show up During Practice Sessions

If you want know much about the band, you should be present whenever they are practicing. Being present will give you an opportunity to know the kind of music they perform and the instruments they use. You will also get to know the outfit they wear. When you show up most the time, you increase your chances of being picked in the forthcoming recruitments.

  1. Buy the Instruments for Private Practice

Once you know the instruments that are commonly used by the band, you should make the effort of buying them. The best place to start when hunting for musical instrument is  You should then look for a private trainer so he can give you some lessons on how to play the instruments you have just bought. This is because the band can’t allow you to train alongside their experienced members. Training in private will give you the freedom to learn through mistakes.

  1. Memorize the Band’s Music but Be Flexible

If you are aware about a forthcoming audition, you should practice even much harder to increase your chances of impressing the judges. You should ensure that you have memorized all the songs that the band performs a few days before the auditions day. On the material day, you should turn up for the recruitment with an open mind. This is because the judges might decide to test with something different from what you already know.

  1. Stick to the Ethics

Even if you personally know the judges and the band director, you just have to give the audition a professional approach. Remember, it’s the maturity that you showcase during the audition that will be judged. Remember there is a difference between determination and desperation. Once you are through with the audition, it’s advisable you don’t hang around the auditions facility. In fact, you should go home right away. If the band is really interested in you, they will surely get in touch.


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