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There are some gifts that transcend age. Train sets, for instance, can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They’re challenging to assemble, great stress-relievers, and they can also evoke happy childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia.

Giving your loved ones train sets from Only Trains is an excellent way to bring fun and entertainment into their lives. Check out these five reasons why you should give one to your family member or friend:

  1. Have Fun At Home

Most adults de-stress and unwind through different hobbies and interests, such as traveling or engaging in recreational activities. Since these activities are usually done outdoors and require ample preparation, they are seldom done on a daily basis.

With a train set at home, your loved one gains a new form of stress reliever. Having a train set displayed at home allows people to enjoy their time inside their residences even without going outside.

  1. Develop Their Creativity

Playing with model railways can significantly impact one’s creativity. Railway sets don’t automatically come in one piece after purchase. The excitement is in assembling them. To accomplish this task, you need to have creative skills.

During childhood, you’ll notice that train toys are relatively easier to build. They contain larger pieces with no choking hazards and more child-friendly colors. These toys help children develop their motor and cognitive skills, boost learning, and build social skills with other children.

Train and railwaysets for adults, on the other hand, encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. Before purchasing one as a gift, you need to choose from railway sets with varying assembling difficulties. Your gift recipient can then plan and construct the entire set. They’ll need skills involving woodworking to lay out the track, electrical know-how to take care of the wiring, and more.

  1. Add To Their Collection

Some people enjoy assembling and playing railway sets, and have amassed quite a collection. If you’re close to someone with this hobby, there’s no better gift than a train set.

Trains and railway sets can get quite expensive, and it takes a long time to build a sizable collection. If you have extra money to spend for a gift, prepare at least USD$25 to USD$500 for a railway set. However, not all expensive train sets have competitive quality, so do your research before purchasing.

  1. Bring Back Childhood Memories

Train toys are staple gifts for all generations. Gifting a train and railway set to adults can take them down their memory lane. Your recipient can also share this train set with their family, particularly their kids.

Assembling the train set is a great opportunity for families to bond together since it takes quite some time to finish the entire set. Moreover, adults can teach their children how to build this set and encourage them to develop motor and problem-solving skills.

  1. Prepare For Christmas Decorating

Typically, American households place train sets under their Christmas trees during the holiday season. It has become a tradition since the launch of the first electric toy trains. These model railways have become a holiday staple these days. Some families even place Christmas-themed decorations around their train sets,and place gift boxes on the freight cars.

Giving a loved one a train set can help remind them of the feelings and memories associated with Christmas. After all, during this season, many people travel via trains to reunite with their families and spend the holidays together.

Tips For Choosing The Right Train Set

Train Set

Once you’ve decided to gift adult train sets to your beloved ones, the next step is to figure out which one to purchase. Train and railways sets are crafted differently, so it’s tough to differentiate a high-quality set from a knock-off.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking the right train set model:

  • If it’s your recipient’s first train set, you can go with any scale or size. Keep in mind that trains with the same scale, despite coming from different manufacturers, will work well together.
  • Most train sets have a basic power pack. You can spend more on higher-end train sets because they have a more powerful and reliable power supply.
  • Check the quality and material of the train set to see if it’s worth the price. They should have well-painted components, possess intricate and crisp details, have metal wheels, and weigh solidly.


Preparing gifts for your loved ones is a difficult and crucial experience. If you’re thinking about what gifts to give your relative or friend for special events, skip those common items that they might already have, and go for fun and exciting items like adult train sets.

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