Many of us use PDF’s on our websites, and sometimes we come across a PDF that we need to make a change to, but we do not know how. Here in this article, we will discuss two different ways to edit a PDF, which is a free way of doing this.

PDF escape

It is one of the most reliable, easy and free ways of making changes in your PDF documents. First, go to your browser and search for PDF escape. You can do its official website. It is free. The way it works is that you upload your PDF, and you can make changes to it. Also, after making changes, you can save it back as a complete PDF.

How does PDF escape work?

You will see a big orange button on its official website that says, ‘EDIT your PDF Now.’ Simply click this button, and you will see a bunch of options. Here, you must choose the option ‘Upload Your PDF to PDF escape.

It will ask you where you would like to go to choose your PDF. It will upload it and present it to you so that you can work on it. You can go through it and make as many changes as you like. This is how it works for free to help you make changes in your PDF document and then save it in the altered form.

Cloud Convert

If you want to convert your PDF to a Word document, in other words, you can take an existing PDF and convert it into a format that you can make something brand new. You can edit text or whatever you want. Cloud Convert is one of the best options in the market available for this purpose. You can go to its website. It works very efficiently, and it is also free.

How does Cloud Convert work?

If you want to convert something to Word document, all you must do is very simple is that you go to their official website, and click the button that says, ‘Select File.’ You can even drag your document and drop it anywhere on the cloud convert page, and it will be automatically uploaded.

Now, select what conversion you want to make. Click ‘Start Conversion,’ and you are done. It will take just a second for conversion, that is why it is the easiest and the fastest way for converting your PDF to Word document.

These two options are best to use because they do not put what we called as watermarks on our documents. In other words, they do not mark it. Even though both are free, they do not put a mark that says that this is done by, for instance, Cloud Convert, PDF escape, etc.

Neither of them needs you to download any software, such as Adobe Acrobat, Sodapdf, etc. Therefore, whenever you feel the need of making any changes to your PDF file, explore these options for quick solutions.

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