Do you use eBay to bid on auctioned items or the “Buy Now” option to purchase products?

eBay is a great online marketplace to look for a deal on a product you might find on Amazon or another eCommerce website.

The big question: Is eBay the go-to site for all your online shopping needs?

Of course not!

There are certain types of items where the best deal you’ll find is on eBay.

But if you want to get the most out of your shopping experience on eBay, I’ll tell you about the top 10 products on this platform.

10 Best Things to Buy on eBay

For all the things listed below, eBay is the place to buy them. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with these items using the traditional bidding or “Buy Now” option.

#1 Customized Products
Buying a nice gift for your friend or significant other can be expensive. You want to show them you appreciate them without breaking the bank.

Since eBay was established, it became easier for people who want customized products to find and buy them at a cheap or very reasonable price.

For Valentine’s Day, I bought my boyfriend a vintage 1970s hip-hop and techno jacket on eBay.

For myself, I’ve bought backpacks and purses with my name embroidered on it.

#2 Vintage or Rare Products
If you want to relive your childhood, eBay is the only place you’ll find vintage or rare products.

Anything from 1970s Barbie dolls to antique lamps, you can search for it on eBay and find a seller who has a reasonable price.

When I was 11, I decided to dress up as Wayne from Wayne’s World and I bought my hat from eBay.

#3 Used and Restored Products
If you’ve completed a project around your house, you know that buying the tools for it can be pricey. You can roll the dice for used or restored one.

Luckily, eBay has a wide selection of tools available at prices below Home Depot’s prices.

You can find anything from screwdrivers to tool belts for your next home improvement project.

#4 Accessories and Jewelry
If you want to buy something nice for your significant other or even yourself on occasion, you can find it on eBay.

You can find accessories and jewelry ranging from sterling silver necklaces to a simple ring to wear to work.

I’ve bought a couple of rings for myself already.

#5 Car Parts
The car dealership and automotive stores drive up the prices on what parts you need or even don’t need.

Instead, ask your mechanic what you need and then go to eBay to buy it. You can hire the mechanic to install them or look up a YouTube video.

#6 Pet Products
Caring for your pet is fun and rewarding but also expensive.

Finding affordable pet supplies can be hard at a pet store, but eBay has everything you need from toys to medicine.

#7 Art Supplies Products
If you love to do small art projects as a hobby or are an aspiring artist yourself, you understand how expensive art supplies can be.

eBay has a wealth of art supplies to choose from at low prices.

#8 Electronic Products
If you’re one of those people who continually misplace or lose your phone charger, then finding a cheap one is a must.

eBay has chargers for as low as five dollars and without a shipping fee!

#9 Costume Products
Need a quick and cheap costume for a themed party?

eBay has your back with unique outfits to choose from, low prices, and even free shipping.

#10 Shoes
Going to a department store for shoes racks up your credit card bill and drains your bank account.

Instead, go to a department store to try on shoes and then go to eBay to buy the same or similar shoes for much less.

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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