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So I’ve been told I snore when I drink and I can’t deny that because many people have told me this dating back to college.  My ex wife constantly complained of this, but I never took her opinions to heart, which is probably why she’s an ex.  My girlfriend I’ve been dating over two years has mentioned it and well, I respect her opinion!  Snoring sucks for people around you, and there aren’t many natural remedies you can just try out and nip it in the bud.  Snoring affects millions of Americans every night. But loads of fellow citizens have found solutions by using anti-snoring products and packages. Today I will be reviewing one of the market leaders in this booming industry and share my personal experience with this product.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to your snoring problem, this is the review for you. Read on to find out what ZenSleep offer and what we think of their package.

What does ZenSleep offer?

ZenSleep is a snoring-aid company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. The company operates exclusively online selling products that it claims are backed by years of scientific research, and that can work in as little as one night. While offering all of its products for sale individually, the company specializes in selling a five-piece snoring kit that aims to eliminate snoring from your life once and for all. In fact, the package aims to go one further. It aims to eliminate snoring after the first night. Impossible? Apparently not.


ZenGuard is is a doctor-recommended tongue-retaining device, valued at over $1800 but available for a fraction of that. The device instantly stops snoring by repositioning the tongue. By gently moving your tongue forward and preventing it from moving back and obstructing your airway, the device should stop snoring the first time that you use it. The device is comfortable and easy to wear, and is made from soft, medical-grade silicone that allows for gentle suction around the tongue. The device was developed over five years of clinical research and comes ready to use.


Rather than fixing the positioning of your tongue, like ZenGuard, the ZenStrap, repositions your jaw in order to stop snoring immediately. This helps to keep your airways open and unrestricted while simultaneously improving your breathing. The strap is designed to be incredibly comfortable and very easy to use.


If you snore because you have trouble breathing, ZenVents could be the solution to your problem. A lot of the time, snoring is caused by problems with your nose. ZenVents works to maximize airflow in your nasal passageways and should work immediately from the first use. The vents are very comfortable and made from BPA-free medical-grade silicone. Even better, they are designed to be invisible to everyone but the wearer, so users shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about wearing them in public.


Are you fed up of ear plugs that don’t work? Do loud noises stop you from getting a good night’s sleep? Maybe you should give ZenPlugs a try. Using a revolutionary triangular-shaped design, these earplugs are designed to be incredibly soft, incredibly comfortable and incredibly effective. Best of all, ZenPlugs are washable and reusable so you can use one pair again and again and again.


If you need a sleeping mask that actually blocks out 100% of the light, ZenMask could be the sleeping mask for you. This revolutionary mask has been designed to block out all of the light, whilst remaining light, soft and comfortable. Best of al, it won’t put pressure on your eyes. In fact, it will hardly feel like you are wearing a mask.

While, as we stated above, you can buy all of the products individually, it is much cheaper (and it should be much more effective) if you buy them all in one package. Currently the 5-in-1 package is available for just $97. Buying each product individually would cost three times as much.

Why Does ZenSleep Work?

One of they key differentiators between ZenSleep and other anti-snoring products is that ZenSleep does not just focus on one cause of snoring. The five products each focus on a different cause of snoring and by using them altogether you should be able to eliminate every issue from your sleep. In total, ZenSleep will help you to keep your tongue forward, your nasal airways open, your jaw positioned correctly, the light out and noise out. Most other anti-snoring products only focus on solving one of these issues.

ZenSleep products have also been clinically tested and are backed by doctors and scientists. The products have been developed after years and years of customer and medical research, and are also made from safe and comfortable materials which are BPA free.

How does ZenSleep test?

As you would expect with a product package like ZenSleep, there is a lot to test and try out. One of the things we noted was the urge to try everything on at once. While this can be effective in stopping snoring, it can be overkill. Most people probably don’t need to use every single anti-snoring device that comes in the package. A better solution, and one we recommend you use, is to start with one product and add one each night until you achieve a good night’s sleep. That way you can find the product or combination of products that works for you. While not perfect, the ZenSleep package did, in general, do a good job of improving the quantity and quality of sleep. As with all products like this, there were a lot of positives and some negatives. We will discuss each below.

In my personal ZenSleep review, I decided to make sure I got good and tipsy by treating myself to the best Don Julio tequila money can buy. You see, drinking brings out snoring – in me, at least.


The biggest positive is that in virtually all cases, the product work. With five products, you would think that at least one of the products should help, so it is good to see that they did. That, in itself, however, is another positive. The fact that you get five products for one small-ish price means that you can find the perfect solution yourself. This is great for people who maybe aren’t sure why they are snoring. ZenSleep gives them all of the solutions they need. It was also good to know that the products were made from safe materials. When it comes to shipping and returns, there are even more positives. Shipping was free and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with the package. So we felt confident in our purchase as a result.


In general, there were very few negatives. The only issue was that it wasn’t that comfy to wear every single product at once. Of course, most people won’t need to so this issue won’t ever become a reality. Specific products, such as the ZenGuard, may cause problems for individual wearers, however, and people may not like the way they look wearing them. Of course, if you are wearing the device in the privacy of your own bed, this doesn’t matter either.




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