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​A 2020 goal of mine was to really dial up my health, and judging by the miles I’ve logged on my Peloton Bike, so far, so good.  I’m also focusing on improving the lives of those near and dear to me.  Namely, my son, and my dogs.  Hungry Bark happens to be a local South Florida brand that has taken over pet nutrition by storm, and I’m here with you today to share my experience with this brand as the company selected me to be one of the beta testers of this food in exchange for information, feedback, and constructive criticism.  I’d like to thank my Maltese Breeds, Cookie, and Snoop, for participating in this Hungry Bark review.  Without them, all I’d be able to judge this brand on would be packaging, customer service, nutritional labels, and branding.  (More on that later.)

Hungry Bark Chews

Hungry Bark Super Premium Dog Food Review

Hungry Bark is a Super Premium brand of Dog Food and Supplements that provides custom nutrition plans for dogs in all life stages.  By going through the company’s Pup Quiz™ and answering a few questions, owners are presented with a complete 28 day nutrition plan for their dogs based on breed, age, gender, activity level, weight status, allergies, dislikes and any breed-specific health concerns.  The company provides free shipping on all orders and offers a 20% discount to all new subscription customers (20% on first order and 10% on subsequent orders). 

The Product

Each product contains natural superfood ingredients from responsible sources. They only use cage-free poultry products, farm-raised animal products, and non-GMO vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Backed by Vets – All products are created with science and backed by it, too. Many of the country’s most accomplished veterinarians recommend Hungry Bark to all their clients. Sustainable Packaging – Every Hungry Bark product is packaged with the Earth in mind. They want the world to be a better place for dogs – the best place to start is with responsibility and integrity.

Money-Back Guarantee – If your pup doesn’t love the fresh taste of Hungry Bark on their first try, they will refund 100% of your purchase. Check out our super friendly return policy.


Hungry Bark is all about giving back to dogs in need.  They have a round up for charity program that goes even further.  Customers can round up to an even-dollar amount at the check-out screen. For mere cents on the dollar, they can directly contribute to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Additionally, for every dollar donated, Hungry Bark proudly donates at 100% match and donates the money to shelters and rescue organizations across the entire country.

The Story

The founder, Nick Molina dramatically transformed his life and health by switching to a nutritiously-advanced diet, full of superfoods and high quality proteins.  Being a deeply devoted dog owner, it got him thinking about how much human nutrition had advanced, while dog nutrition had remained relatively stagnant. If his own daily performance and wellbeing were enhanced from a cleaner, whole-foods diet, dogs certainly deserved the same. Hungry Bark exists today to offer pet parents affordable and convenient access to super premium, nutritious dog food.

Kudos to Nick, who happens to be a great friend of mine.  I watched his personal transformation right before my eyes and it’s nothing short of incredible.  To me, an even more incredible feat is what he’s done in the business world, and watching his passion pour out for dogs in creating Hungry Bark, his latest, and in his own words, “greatest” contribution to society, has been something amazing. 

Did My Dogs Enjoy Hungry Bark?

​I’m in the process of uploading a video and first hang Hungry Bark reviews from Cookie and Snoop.  You’ll definitely want to see the video because they went absolutely hog wild over this food!  Please check back shortly and you’ll see what all the fuss is all about, and why my dogs haven’t been happier.

The Hungry Bark Pup Quiz Overview

​Watch me take the “Pup Quiz,” which allows dog parents to choose a type of dog food that will help them with issues they want to address for their beloved fur babies.  This is the most interactive, educational way to purchase dog food!

Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt is an Internet Entrepreneur living in South Florida. When he's not doing Internet Marketing, he enjoys traveling, sports, and cigars. Learn more about him on the About Us page.

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