How to Write a Good Two Weeks Notice Letter

So you’ve decided to leave your current job and need to let your boss know that you’ll be moving on. Congratulations on your new endeavor at the next place! There are a number of reasons why you’ll be leaving, including relocating to a new city or state, moving on to a better job elsewhere, or you’re just plain unhappy with your current position.

But before you go, you have to let your current company know of your departure. This is something that needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism so you don’t burn any bridges and leave your job on a high note. No matter how you felt about the company or who you worked for, it should be dealt with grace and respect and gratitude for your employment at the company.

Writing a Two Weeks Notice Letter

The most common way to signal your resignation from your job is in the form of a two weeks notice letter. Sometimes you may want to give even more of a heads-up than two weeks, but this is the standard timeframe and it should not be any shorter than this. This provides the company with time to figure out how to replace you and start seeking someone new for your position, or find ways to shuffle people around to cover your responsibilities.

how to write a two week notice

Why should you write a two weeks notice letter? There are a couple reasons. First, it will more likely lead to a better reference from this employer in the future if it should be needed at some time. You don’t want to flee out of there on bad terms and not be able to use your employer in the future at other job interviews when they ask about your employment history. Secondly, this letter will be permanently in your file at the employer as part of your record, and it is a nice official document to have in there as part of your tenure there, providing closure to your employment.

So how do you go about writing this letter? It’s pretty easy if you follow a few simple tips. The first is to keep it short and sweet. All it needs to do is serve as a formal announcement of your resignation of your position. You don’t need to ramble on about why you’re leaving. Really, you’re just looking to have this go in your file as official closure to your employment. You can discuss the “why” in person with your superiors. It doesn’t need to go into the letter itself.

Secondly, it should state the details of your resignation. It should contain the fact that you are resigning, first of all. Next it should provide the timeline of your departure. In the most common case, it is two weeks, but if it is longer than that (one month, two months, etc.), provide the official last day of your employment so everyone is aware and it can go in the official record. Additionally, it should outline the steps to be taken as part of the transition process. Offer to help your employer find someone to replace you and train them for your position, provided they have enough time to find that person. Lastly, don’t forget to thank them for your time there.

Above all, be positive with your tone, even if it wasn’t your favorite place to work. Again, this goes back to having this employer on your side later on if they are needed as a reference.

At the end of the letter, sign it and date it to close the letter properly and make it more formal. This is an official document in your employee file, so make it look official and professional.

That’s all there really is to it, so use these as a guideline whenever the situation arises in your professional life. Also, don’t forget to take a little time off between jobs – spend some time traveling or enjoying your hobbies!

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