I’ve been hearing a lot about pheromones lately, and more so, the science behind them.  While I’ve been working out quite a bit and am never shy to add supplements to my diet, I’ve always had an open mind to trying new things to boost energy, testosterone, and performance.  Today I’m going to provide some details about pheromones as well as share with you the research behind them.

What Exactly is a Pheromone?

Pheromones are natural odors.  Yes, you heard me properly. Natural.  Odor.

Simply put, these are a byproduct of what’s already inside your body – HORMONES.  Actually, when you boil down the research, a pheromone is a hormone.  However, they are a sub-set of hormones that work externally while normal hormones work on the interior.

You’ll also notice that the strongest pheromones often start with “Andro.”

So if you’ve ever heard of stuff like “androstane” and other similar sounding words, you probably have some relative facts about what exactly is a pheromone, you just didn’t know it yet.

What I’ve learned lately is that these can actually be modified.  Yes, you have the ability to influence the natural odors that are inside your body.

Doing this is easiest if you increase your natural testosterone levels.  When you do this, you boost your natural pheromone production.

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Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

When you boil it down, the highest up on the food chain of testosterone is androgen hormones.  When you lift weights, you build it naturally.  This is by far the best way to boost up your testosterone in a natural manner.

When you build up your “T,” you will give off a healthier testosterone signal.

Here are the best ways to speed up growth in your muscles as well as boost that testosterone naturally.

First off, focus on movements that work on multiple joints…..

Instead of trying to sculpt those guns, work on full body type of lifts where your body has to go out and recruit help from other muscle groups on every exercise.  When you work your entire body, you get much more out of the lift.

You can focus on bench press, shoulder presses, pull ups, and lats.  Make sure you stretch.

If you are looking for lower body mass, try deadlifts and squats. 

HIIT training (high intensity interval training) is also a great way to shed fat and get things ripped up in your midsection as well.  Don’t forget to add some HIIT routines to your workout.


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